Thursday, June 13, 2013

sympathy cards

today i went through the cards i was given after Jarronn passed.

i've made mention before that i was overwhelmed by the support of others as i grieved and went on living. but reading through every card, i'm amazed all over again.

there were lots of people who didn't know what to say. and they didn't know what they could do. there were lots of repeat cards. and lots of repeat phrases. i was reminded of how many people were shocked, and saddened, and suffered along with me.

but more than anything, reading those cards reminded me of how i was blessed to have the prayers of so many people. and i believe those prayers and thoughts made the greatest impact in helping me experience rays of hope and moments of peace.

i still feel so compelled to let people know how much it all meant.


from Jarronn's co-workers.
from his co-ed flag football team members.
from sorority sisters and fraternity brothers.
from the relatives of our neighbors.
from the friends of my relatives.
from the doctor's office staff Jarronn used to call on.
  (amazing that they missed a sales person)
from presidents and vice presidents of johnson & johnson.
from middle school friends.
from the girls who lived on my floor freshman year.
from engineering students Jarronn mentored.
from the parents of my high school friends.
from our wedding photographer.
from church friends.
from widows.
from people who never met him.
from people who never met me.

hundreds of people who prayed for me and thought of me. an amazing blessing.

words from a card:

sometimes there are no perfect words --
only perfect silences.

where we can rest in God's presence

and know that He hears our hearts.


  1. Still remarkable and touching. Almost 4 years later and many of those prayers and sentiments are still resounding. Thanks for sharing, Jessica.

  2. I saw you got Married congratulations!!! I read your blog but just saw a FB pic of you this weekend!!! had no idea you were in a relationship! WOW that's was great to see!!!.. will you share how you guys met and how this happen? God is amazing!!! would love to get married praying God will bless me with a husband as he did you!!! wow! love!!!

  3. Hello-

    You don't know me, but I knew Jarronn as a representative for Janssen (I believe). He was always respectable and joking around the few times he came to the office. I couldn't understand how silly he was, but to pass the time during work hours that can be vapid, laughter is a necessity.

    Four years ago I was on my Facebook page and I visited a friend's page. I saw that she was a member of a group entitled, "RIP Jarron". I thought I was reading incorrectly, but visiting the link I could sadly see that the same gentleman known for being a "jokester" had passed.

    I saw the pictures, then finding out he was newly married, and my heart broke for all of you. I simply said a prayer for you, Jarronn, and your collective families.

    Almost four years later, seeing the Essence special truly warmed my heart. And I just wanted to let you know that I am touched by your dedication and fortitude to simply live and love in happiness.

    Seeing the type of man Jarronn was through your blog, I surmise that he is somewhere happy for you, too. :)

    Congratulations on your wedded bliss and may the two of you have a long, prosperous, and healthy union! Many blessings and continued strength to you!


    Dr. Martin

  4. I have followed you from day one of your post. A facebook friend recommended your blog. I know it may sound crazy but your blog has helped my marriage in so many ways. I am very short tempered and use to get mad and stay mad at my husband for days or even weeks at a time. but the more i read your blog the more i learned that life and relationships are a gift and need to be treasured. I'm a 30 year old mother of 2 and wife of 7 years. So needless to stay I still get mad but I don't hold that anger as long any more. I went to Suitland high school but did not graduate with Jarronn. I was a freshmen when he was a senior but I know people that knew him and they all said how great of a person he was. your post, new and old have inspired me. and although my past still haunts me I've made every effort to live EVERYDAY like it was my last. you survived your past and growing everyday, It has given me hope that I will continue to grow and be able to say I survived my past. I'm sorry I'm rambling to make it short........THANK YOU and may peace be with you

  5. I came across your story & blog today after catching up on some news on Yahoo and to be honest I dnt really know what to write but i feel like i needed to write something. Im kind of taken aback by your story because i was also a "young widow" at the age of 19. My husband and I were married in June 2004 and he died in a car crash in November 2005.. he was 20 yrs old. We had a 1 year old daughter and we found out 5 days before he died that I was expecting...about 1 1/2 months along. I must say that this is one of the hardest things I've had to deal u said u never get over it...u just learn to live with it. Even though its almost 8 yrs since that day I still feel it everyday.... It takes a strong person to fight through tragedy and I must say its not easy but I have to fight everyday for our daughters... Even tho I wish he was here everyday I know he's our gaurdian angel and he's watching over us. I dnt kno if you'll even see this comment but just wanted to share my story and thanks for sharing yours....

  6. I saw a post on Yahoo! about your story. I can say after reading that, I have chills. I was dating an amazing man back in 2010 who was killed in a tragic car accident...I got the news that morning at work. I never imagined I would lose him. I found out a couple days later, from his best friend and parents, he'd been looking at engagement rings and was going to propose for my birthday a few weeks later. It was horrific. So I can understand your pain, your process of moving forward and all the emotions that come up so quickly.
    Now, in 24 days, I will be married to my best friend and couldn't imagine life differently. It all happens for a reason. Though I still have times of tears and pain in my heart when I remember my late boyfriend's accident, I can say that I am moving forward...that I've found love, one who accepts my past and knows how to comfort me. I have little momentos of him around to remember and honor him by that make me smile...but I don't dwell on the tragedy. I know God put each of them in my life for a reason and though I may not fully understand why, I know I have to keep pushing forward. You do learn to live with it. They will always have a place in your heart, nobody can change that.
    So congrats on your new marriage. I hope it is everything and more that you imagined!

  7. I just finished reading your story on yahoo from Good Morning America. Although I have never experienced what you and your husband experienced, I was touched reading your story. I just wanted to say congrats on the new marriage and may God continue to Bless and keep you and your husband in His care.

  8. Hi, Jessica! Congratulations to you and Jordan! What an inspiration you both are. I am 35 and recently widowed, almost 9 months. I lost my husband of 4 years Oct. 20 from sepsis within 24 hours of him getting sick. Our babies were 9 months old(Lydia) and 3(Tristan) at the time. By far knowing they face their whole life without their dad is the hardest. I have been a Christian for the last 10+ years, and my faith has not been shaken. I know it was God's will or He would have healed him like I begged him to. You have my prayers for a long, happy, baby blessed marriage this time around! God Bless!

  9. I just read your story on Huffington Post and just wanted to drop you a note. Your strength is inspirational, your story truly moving, and your comment of God's amazing provision for us just blew me away. May God keep blessing you in your life.

  10. Jessica, I met you several years ago at a family gathering in NJ. I was Ron's girlfriend, Jarronn's uncle. I have a blog too because I lost my husband 5.5 years ago and Ron mentioned you had a blog. Unfortunately I never got the link but I saw it on Yahoo recently. I just read some of your posts and was so touched. It's amazing how God helps us to find a new "normalcy" and helps us to move forward. We move forward but never forget. I'm so happy that God has brought a good, Godly man into your life. You make a beautiful couple and truly this could only be from God. I will pray a special prayer for you and your husband. Amazing how God can bring beauty out of ashes. Your love story has truly given me hope.

    Thanks and God bless, Dee.

    Here's my first blog that I started after my husband passed away. and here's my second blog that I started when the Lord told me it was time for my new beginnings.

  11. I just read your story and found your blog. I am also a young widow and I am so inspired by your story. Thank you for sharing so honestly. I look forward to following your story.