Friday, March 2, 2012

happy 32nd

happy birthday Jarronn.

yesterday was his 32nd birthday, and i did my best to honor him.

i got out of bed. (i'm told this shouldn't be underestimated).
i ran three miles. (he was big on working out and getting me to do the same).
i went to the hairdresser. (he fully supported personal pampering and probably thought i should have indulged even more).
i went to woodend sanctuary, the spot where we got married. also the spot where his family and i planted a holly bush in his honor.
i shed a few tears, mainly in thinking about how many people out there miss Jarronn. i tend to feel the weight of that on days like these.
i took in the sun.
i took my time.

it was beautiful here in d.c. yesterday, which made the time at woodend really nice. after the wedding, people who attended joked about how during the ceremony, the deer seemed to emerge from the fields on cue. and after about 30 minutes there yesterday, they did the same. this seems special, but when i thought about it, the deer live there. so really, i should expect to see them by now. still -- it's always a pleasant surprise, and i appreciated the reason to smile.

feel free to get your national geographic on and watch as these four-legged friends try to scope out who i am and go back and forth between "she's interesting." and "i don't care." and then "but maybe i do."


  1. Jessica: My sincerest and warmest regards go out to you and your family during these very difficult times. I just read your blogs and learned about what happened to Jarronn and I apologize for not reaching out to you sooner. I know the last time we saw each other was during a class project at Georgetown and we talked about your work at Save Darfur-an organization we both felt very passionately about-and about your wedding and graduation. My, how the years go by.
    Today's blog exemplifies just how truly special Jarronn is and will always be to you, and it is through God's grace that we are blessed to be a part of His angels' world, even if it is only for a moment in our lifetime. I wish beautiful days ahead for you, and in time the comfort of knowing there is a beautiful angel watching over all of us. --Love, Kaira Stelly

  2. Jessica,
    Even though we have never met in person I want you to know how you have truly touched me with your words. The love that you and Jarronn shared was and still is magical and rare in these times. Thank you for sharing your blog with us. Reading it somehow puts things in perspective for some of us. Sometimes words are hard to find and others seem to say exactly what you are feeling so that helps us. Jarronn is watching over you and giving you the strength to live on for him. He would be proud of you and of all that you have accomplished. Keep your head up sweet girl.


  3. Great post Jessica. LOL at the the deer stalkers and the "I don't care but maybe I do" looks.