Tuesday, October 9, 2012

you can ask

in all the moments since Jarronn died, the most common question i've probably been asked is, "how are you doing?"

my answer to that question has often depended on the day, the nature of my relationship with the person asking, and the amount of time i thought the person asking had to listen.

but i also get questions about how to support friends who are grieving, what my life looks like as a widow, relationship stuff, and how i view my loss. 

a couple of conversations with different people, along with emails/messages sent my way, make me realize that people often want to ask me questions, but aren't always quite sure what's appropriate. there's not a lot that's off limits in my mind -- i might not be the most forthcoming person when it comes to sharing personal information or thoughts, but when asked about my life, i think i tend to be pretty open. especially if i feel it might help someone or cause someone to not feel so alone in whatever it is they're experiencing.

anyway, this is all a long set-up to let you all know i placed a formspring box on my blog. if you look on the right column, and scroll down, it's beneath the list of "popular posts." the idea is that anyone is welcome to ask me random, anonymous questions, and i will do my best to answer those questions here.

like the box says, "ask me anything."

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  1. I lost my husband last year at the young age of 38 we were only married one year and till this day I hate it when people ask me how I am doing. I want to scream I am sad, depressed and angry all at the same time!! But I know they mean well...atleast that is what my therapist tells me! But you are right it depends on the day...I could be very happy or extremely angry and sad. It just depends!