Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i have to believe there's purpose in the pain. and so i do.

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  1. even if you feel that your heart isn't quite aligned with what your head is saying, keep repeating your belief and God will slowly soften your heart to absorb the truth that your lips declare. through it, he will allow you to experience his compassion and love in a greater capacity than you ever imagined. i know this is true because he has done it for me. it was through seeing your heart and his presence on your life, even at the funeral in the midst of great pain, that i was able to begin to accept that he is using jarronn's life for some inconceivable plan. at the funeral, i saw his spirit resting on you soo strongly that i was able to begin my healing process. that same presence is comforting you now. God is faithful. keep believing. i will keep praying for you.