Monday, July 12, 2010

sudden loss

in my most recent dream about Jarronn, it seemed as though i was straddling time. in one sense, it was as though i had gone a year without seeing him, similar to how things really are. and he was returning from some kind of business trip that had him away for a long period of time. yet, at the same time, it was as though the setting of the dream was one week before he had died. so it was as though we were outside of normal space and time.

in the dream, i remember us talking on the phone, just after he returned. we were making plans to see each other, and i could hear the familiar tone in his voice as he talked to me. that tone that said, "i'm so happy and proud we're together. that i can call you mine."

when i saw him, we caught up. talked and laughed and shared.

and then i got serious. i told him that he may have a hard time believing me, but that in one week, he was going to get in a motorcycle accident. he listened as i told him the details. how it would happen. how he would die. and how i would wish i could have looked into his eyes after the accident and before he passed away.

he seemed to acknowledge everything i said as true. i told him that if he thought i adored him before, that he would really be showered with love now that he was back and given everything that was about to/had happened.

i woke up from the dream and was surprised by how i felt. as i've described on this blog, when i dream about Jarronn, i usually wake up disappointed to realize it was a dream and not reality. and that i'm still struggling to wrap my mind around him really being gone.

but waking up from this dream was different. instead of disappointment, i felt relief. and even a sense of peace.

and as i reflected on the dream, i thought about this: death is never easy. and a loss is a loss, whether the person who passes is eight years old or 80. none of us want to see a loved one deteriorate or suffer with pain, and i'm at times thankful that Jarronn died at such a good place in his life, without any major life pains. but i recognize that there is a significant difference between losing someone after they've struggled against a terminal illness and losing someone suddenly.

i don't think you can ever fully prepare yourself for the death of a loved one. but when there's some kind of notice, you can say your goodbyes. your final i love yous. you can discuss life beyond their death. and how they want to be memorialized. you can hear them say they want you to be happy. or let them know you'll carry on their legacy. you may even feel relief when you know they no longer have to suffer. and you can look into their eyes one last time.

i think my dream gave me some peace, because in it, i was prepared. i could see the death coming, and so i got my chance to say what i wanted to say. i felt like i had my moment. like there was some sense of closure. like i didn't have to rely on my heart to tell me that Jarronn knew everything i felt, because he was there talking with me and acknowledging it all. like he was prepared too.

these are all things i've missed.

so it was a good dream. and more importantly, while i could have stayed and dreamed for longer, it was a good dream to wake up from.


  1. omg.. absolutely beautiful! I just want to let you know.. I've been praying for you and still am praying and following along. You still manage to inspire myself & others in situations totally unrelated just because of who you are. I love you Jess and you'll always be my Dean! lol.. I think this one touches home with me a lot only because It find revelations of my waking life in my dreams as well. I'm so grateful you are able to embrace and your sleeping moment as real because that is where your spirit has traveled indeed. Welcome back to a happier place in time!

    Yours Truly,
    Queen of Hearts

  2. Wow Jess, I always read your blogs, but I couldn't figure out how to comment (shut up don't laugh at me)Just wanted to let you know my thoughts and payers are with you always, and to say it appears that God is giving you peace in the midst of your storm.

  3. Death is still a mystery, it is more than we can comprehend. For it causes us pain, frustration, and sadness. But we serve a God of comfort. When there is no one else to comfort us, we can find comfort in His presence. Only God can heal the brokeness that comes from the invasion of death into our midst. The Word promises us that we already have the victory. Deaths icy fingers have been neaturalized and the power of sin was broken at Calvary and we are forever triumpth in Christ Jesus who abolished death and sits at the right hand of the Father. May the joy of the Lord be your strength.

  4. As tough as it's been, I think its pretty cool of God to open the door for some closure. Not that the memory of your husband will ever be "easy to deal with"....but this just seems fair I guess. I feel relief for you sis. I pray it continues to get better every day.