Tuesday, November 10, 2009

grocery store

i decided to stop by the grocery store last night on my way home. i've hardly been to the grocery store since Jarronn died. i used to go every three or four days. it was one of my household duties we'd agreed on. Jarronn used to tell me i was weird for calling it the "supermarket" and not the "grocery store."

the thing about going to the grocery store (as i learned to call it) is that i usually run into people i know. on my way in, i ran into one of Jarronn's flag football teammates. he told me he and his girlfriend wanted to get together soon. i told him i looked forward to it.

went inside and grabbed a few things. between health nut, 12 grain, honey oat, country wheat, sweet crunch, and oat bran -- it took me about five minutes to choose a loaf of bread (really, how can there be so many choices?) it was a lot easier when Jarronn was around. i'd always just pick up his favorite brand.

i got into the check-out line and scanned the magazine rack. in the midst of learning that fergie's husband is cheating on her, the guy in line in front of me turned around and asked, "do you know someone named Jarronn?" i think my eyes must have showed happiness and sadness at the same time. the guy had gone to high school and played in the school band with Jarronn. he told me how he had a photo of the two of them from his freshman year. how he had seen the two of us together a few times, which i wasn't able to remember. he insisted that he buy my groceries. soy milk. bread. syrup. cookies.

we went outside, and he seemed eager to tell me a few Jarronn stories. i'm always up for those. he told me how he played the drums, and that people would tell him how great he was. but he'd always say he had learned from Jarronn. he told me other stories of things he'd done, because he saw Jarronn doing them. the long hair. the gum chewing. the sayings. stories of how Jarronn stood up for him when some dude wanted to beat him up.

we talked about the motorcycle and how Jarronn's accident made him decide against getting one. i told him i understood. that it's hard because Jarronn loved his bike so much. he said, "yeah, but he loved you a lot more. i saw him with his helmet once, but i saw the two of you together all the time." it might sound silly, but that was good to hear. something i needed to hear.

maybe i should go to the grocery store more often...

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