Thursday, April 29, 2010

23 days

i can't tell you how happy and relieved i am that my semester is over. wrapped it up last night and feel like a 16-lb. weight has been lifted (that's one pound for every week of hard work).

the summer semester starts in 23 days, so i'm hoping for a break that is both relaxing and fruitful. i'm sure the time will fly by, but somehow i keep adding things to my list of to-do's in my head. my most-used phrase these days seems to be, "that's another thing i hope to do while i'm on break." and if you're wondering -- yes, i'm known to be over-ambitious.

but here's a sampling of what's on my list, if you're interested:
  1. blog more
  2. catch up with family and friends i haven't seen in a long time
  3. read a book for pleasure
  4. enjoy d.c.'s outdoor scene
  5. deal with more paperwork
  6. travel (more on that later)
  7. give my talent to a good cause (nu-aaa)
any other suggestions??? 


  1. How about eat more... that comes naturally but we/your followers should check out a few Nigerian eateries not the mainstream yet wack joints.
    Golfing - i like to work on my swing
    Dancing (Salsa)- the test of your rhythm 'cos word is your not that Black, so you need not think you can dance..
    Work my Car wash - Need an attractive face to keep people coming back..

  2. Your "mah neesh mah" blog is beautiful.

    All praises are due to God for that connection you made with Jarron on that morning when you opened his drawer. I admire your strength, it helps me put things in perspective. When I read your stories, I tell myself that things are not really as bad as I make them out to be.