Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Jarronn was so special. the kind of person you'd notice when he walked into the room. the kind of person that leaves an impression on people. important people. random people. high level executives. the neighbors down the street. the lady at the dry cleaners. the sales team at debeers. the receptionists at his doctors' offices.

i'm constantly running into people who knew Jarronn. last thursday, it was his old co-worker who told me how much Jarronn inspired him to work hard and live a life of faith. he also told me he'd beat up anybody that gave me any trouble (it's funny how support comes in all forms). :-) that same night, i met a girl who went to high school with Jarronn. i guess a lot of people now know my face, even though i can't always remember theirs. she asked me if i was Jarronn's wife. i love when people ask me that. i still feel proud when i get to answer 'yes.'

at church on sunday, there were more people who introduced themselves as friends of Jarronn's. i like meeting all of these people. people who i know got to experience some of the greatness that was Jarronn.

and at the football game last night, as i sat in Jarronn's seat, i heard the season ticket holders in front of us telling my friend how they missed having him around this year. that they used to call him jason campbell (ummm, no comment.). and i got to feel proud again as i introduced myself as his wife.

proud because he was so special. and he loved me. chose me. stretched me. took care of me. and i got to feel and experience his specialness every day.


  1. He definitely was. It is rare to meet someone with such presence and personality. Jarronn was easily the life of the party, but he also had this distinctive charm and "cool factor" that really set him apart. I miss him and think of him often.

  2. It's interesting reading this b/c I only knew Jarronn from what you told me about him - which fits everything you just said. But you two are just the same, Jessica. Miss you!