Saturday, October 31, 2009


thursday morning, i woke up and felt like i had been hit by a bus. seems as though my body got tired of waiting for me to give it some rest, and decided to take it instead. i made it to class on thursday night, mainly because i couldn't stand the thought of falling behind. but i spent the rest of thursday and friday in the bed, in the dark. still trying to get my body right. being sick is no fun, but i know that isn't news to anyone.

i don't get sick like this a lot. although there were a couple of days during the middle of my honeymoon when i seemed to experience some similar symptoms. woke up one day and just didn't feel right. had the chills. no appetite. i felt horrible about disrupting our trip by being sick. and i was determined to get better as fast as possible. so i slept in our cabana for the entire day. Jarronn went off and learned to water ski. he came back to check on me. he went off to try wind surfing. and came back to check on me. he played his daily game of volleyball. and came back to check on me.

he bought me the $12 box of tylenol cold from the hotel gift shop. he told me not to push myself too hard if i wasn't feeling well. when i fell asleep one night that we were supposed to go out, and i realized what had happened the next morning, he told me it was more important for me to get my rest.

he was great. not too fussy, which i don't like. reassuring that it was ok for me to take time to get better. adjusting to the circumstances. another example of how he knew how to relate to me.

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