Monday, January 25, 2010


those of you who know me well, or maybe even not so well, know that i stay pretty busy. it's been this way for a while. there's times when the load on my plate borders on levels of insanity (or drives me close to it). but for the most part, busy is my normal. it's what i know. and i tend to manage.

one might think that with Jarronn's passing, things would have slowed down a bit. we spent a lot of time together. went a lot of places together. a void was definitely created when he died. time was freed up.

but that time was also quickly filled. filled first with dozens of phone calls and visits. filled next with making arrangements and paperwork. filled with conversations about feelings, faith, and the meaning of things. filled with work. filled with a school semester. filled with board meetings. filled with meeting up with old friends. filled with making new friends. filled with tidying my house. filled with making sense of my thoughts. and even filled with writing a fraction of my thoughts on this blog.

things are busy. i know. but maybe things are too busy? perhaps. being busy keeps me occupied. distracted. entertained. but maybe it leaves me with too little time to do those things that i don't want to do. the thinking. the crying. the sorting. things i need to do. i guess.

where's the line between keeping busy to get through something and being too busy to get through something?

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