Friday, January 29, 2010


i had a dream about you earlier this week. we were in a swimming pool. there were lots of other people there too. we were in the deep end. i held on to your neck. you kept me above water. kind of like those summer days back in 2005 when we would swim at the princeton walk community pool after work. back when we were friends that hadn't admitted our secrets. and you'd make me laugh about my neighbors and find something for us to throw back and forth.

in my dream, i knew i was the only person who could see you. but i told you i was going to hold on and talk to you anyway. knowing that i'd look crazy.

alone in the deep end, talking to no one.

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  1. This posting (your dream) is, undoubtedly, deeply profound! And beautiful. So much can be interpreted.

    Your writing has been very inspirational for many. I hope that it continues to be that for you as well, Jessica. Thank you. God Bless you.

    In [God] our fathers put their trust; they trusted and He delivered them. They cried to Him and were saved; in Him they trusted and were not disappointed! Amen. [Ps22:4,5]