Friday, August 21, 2009


among the many different emails i receive with kind words, messages of encouragement, and well wishes, i was really pleased to receive one from a former co-worker of Jarronn's. i actually worked with her at johnson & johnson as well when i was an intern, but she knew Jarronn much better, because they worked in the same division.

in her email, this co-worker, margarita, shared that she really enjoyed working with Jarronn and said, "he was such a gentleman who had a great attitude and smile!" margarita went on to share that this past sunday, august 16, she ran the nyc half marathon, and did so in honor of Jarronn. she hoped that this "small gesture" would show that he was truly appreciated.

i can't tell you how much something like this would mean to Jarronn. i'm touched to know that someone he worked with five years ago was moved to respond in this way. it certainly is an honor, and is another testament to how special he was/is. and he never would have imagined something like this.

below is a photo of margarita with her sign that read: "i'm running in memory of my friend Jarronn Jackson, Mar. 1, 1980 - Jul 30, 2009" thanks margarita!!!