Friday, August 14, 2009

one day at a time

on july 30, 2009, the love of my life--my husband Jarronn--died. there's so much that i'm feeling and experiencing, and i thought this might be a way for me to deal with those things.


  1. Hi Jessica: You don't know me, I am one of your serority sisters Alex's mom . I just wanted you to know that your blog is an amazing vehicle that I hope you will continue to use to help you process what has happened. I have cried, and laughed, and celebrated your relationship With Jarron, and this is only my first day reading your blog. Thank you for the courage to write. Praying for you.
    Love Mom Queen

  2. I just want to say thank you for being so brave to share this online. I hope that you have found comfort and that God's peace will find you.