Saturday, August 15, 2009

so amazing

my mom took me to dinner by the water last night. we ate with some of her friends and shared some good conversation, although it can be hard to be in social settings for long periods of time.

a musician on the deck sang pop songs over keyboard music. at one point, he started singing luther vandross's song "so amazing." it reminded me of a time i went to dinner with a few female friends a couple years ago. we were eating at indeblue in d.c., and i asked the ladies how their relationships were going. two of them responded with a lukewarm "ok." i was less than satisfied with this response! from everything i knew about both of their boyfriends, i expected much more enthusiasm. i inquired about why their responses lacked luster and neither seemed to really have an explanation. they then asked me how things were with Jarronn, and after lacking the proper words to explain how great things were, i broke into my rendition of "so amazing" -- doing luther's song little justice.

"love has truly been good to me
not even one sad day
or minute have i had since you've come my way
i hope you know i'd gladly go
anywhere you'd take me
it's so amazing to be loved
i'd follow you to the moon in the sky above...

"and it's so amazing, amazing
i could stay forever, forever
here in love and no, leave you never
'cause we've got amazing love"

i think my friends were stunned and perhaps embarrassed for me, lol. they also made fun of me for the next two years. did jessica really just bust into song over her man?! but the truth is that it really was that good. and one thing that has brought me some peace in this situation is knowing that i fully appreciated what i had with Jarronn -- while i had it. i didn't take any phone call, kiss, or gesture for granted. and i let him know how much it all meant to me. if your relationship is really 'just ok', that's one thing. but if it's wonderful, you should say so and do so, while you have the opportunity.


  1. Wow Jessica. I will definitely follow this as you write. It's not only helping you but I am sure it's touching your readers in their own lives. :-)


  2. This is absolutely inspiring. Your blessed to have experienced this kind of love...a love that some people never find in a lifetime. Ur in my prayers.

  3. Beautifully put! You guys set the bar on love!

  4. Jessica, whenever we would all hang out together I could just FEEL the intensity of your love for Jarronn and his love for you. It was, and is, rare and unmistakable and powerful and...amazing. This is a really beautiful post.

  5. wonderfully written....the essence of life/love is found in the little things. thank you for posting this

  6. Jess, you are an amazing woman! Each time Jarronn crosses my mind, I say a prayer for you. You all definitely had a relationship that set a standard. Even in this time, that love is still an awesome example. I'm glad that you are doing these posts.

  7. well i already told me that he felt the exact same way about you and he felt no shame in sharing that with the world. i struggle in my own terrible relationship, i've promised myself that the next man i give my heart to, will be as dedicated to me as i am to him (if not more.) you and Jarronn have shown me that true love does exist. for some of us that's quite hard to believe.

  8. bless you Sis for sharing this with us. It will be healing for you and as some others said, for many others. Love is soo amazing, especially when you can share it within the triange: God, u & I dance (guidance). We love you and are supporting you all the way as you take it one day at a time.

  9. Jessica I remember this night! We had a good Time! You did give the Ladies a hard time...... And for very good reason...... When you started talking about Jerron, we were all ears! I never meet him, but I knew he was a great man from the way that you and the other ladies spoke about him! You are very blessed to have him! I am sorry that you are going through this but take things "one day at a time".


  10. I'm learning so much from you....thank you for your strength

  11. beautifully written and so encouraging, you are touching so many people as I knew you would. I will be following. Thank you for this. I hope it helps you as much as it helps others.

  12. Jessica my husband and Jarronn were friends from Suitland and just to let you know the love you have for Jarronn and the love he had for you has really inspired my relationship with my husband to not be ok but to be wonderful and enjoy each day we have. Thank you for this blog and your inspiration.

  13. I heard this song today and thought of you. Just wanted to let you know I'm still praying for your peace and also that God might allow your heart to stay continually warmed with the love you and jarron have. He may be gone, but I know that love like that doesnt go away. Thanks for continually putting things in perspective for me, even though we never even talk personally.

  14. That had to be a moment to see. You know it is rare to stumble upon a blog with such amazing honesty. I don't have the words to describe how glad I was to have been introduced to this blog. Thank you again for sharing your story and you're right people have to stop taking moments in life for granted.